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B4B – Blue Bantam Patch Cord -4′ Blue4
B4VX – Propatch Video Cord – 4′ Blue2
BK2VX – Propatch Video Cord – 2′ Black4
BK3 – Longframe Patchcord – 3′ Black2
BK3VX – Propatch Video Cord – 3′ Black10
BK4VX – Propatch Video Cord – 4′ Black8
BK6VSTSB – P/C HD 1694 St STD To BNC – Black2
BNC10 – BNC Plug 75 OHM 1695/8828148
DA1 – Digital Audio L/F Patch Cord – 1′ Black25
G3VSTS – Super Video Patch Cord – 3′ Green6
PPH – Patch Cord Holder3
QB2 – QCP Punch Tool/MKII Series3
QB4LT – QB 4 Punch Tool Tip Long Version7
QB4T – Non-Orienting QB46
QRK25 – QCP Repair Kit / 100 Contacts1
R2VX – Propatch Video Cord – 2′ Red1
R4VX – Propatch Video Cord – 4′ Red10
Y3VX – Patch Cable – 3′ Yellow10
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K92 Closed Heaphones 40MM Drivers1
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ART ProMIX 3-Channel Portable Mono Microphone Submixer2


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1002FX Xenyx Mixer with Effects

6-channel Mixer with 2 x Xenyx Mic Preamps, 4 x Stereo Channels, 3-band EQ, 100 Effects Presets, and 1 x FX/Aux Send Per Channel

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BCJXJA10TRA 1V P-P XLRF-BNC Transformer17
L4E5AT Star Quad Audio Line Cable386′
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CC010 IFB Ear Set w/ 3.53
FL7 Call Signal Flasher1
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WSPL1 Windscreen for All PL Series62
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72401EZ 24 awg single pair cable600′
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Goldline GLK1 Mic Level Input Tester1
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DigiMatch  AES/EBU/S/PDIF Interface and Distribution Amplifier1
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CMK010 Edge Premium Mic Cable 10′6
HXS010 XLR(F) – 1/4″ TRS Cable 10′7
MBL110 24AWG Economy Mic Cable 10′1
MCL103 22AWG Standard Mic Cable 3′1
MIT156 Mic XFMR 3.5MM TO XLRF3 18″2
MXX0015RS 1.5′ RT. Angle -XLR3F Mic Cable1
NFF339 “f” F/F Bulkhead coupler 2/pcs2
OPT103 Toslink Optical Cable 3′2
PWX103 Nema 5-15 M/F Power 3′20
XVM110F XLRF – 3.5mm/TRS RT. 10′ Cable1
XVM115F XLRF-3.5mm/TRS RT. 15′ Cable5
YMP233 3.5mm TRS Male To Dual 1/4″6
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Littlite L18LED 18″ attached Gooseneck LED1


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DA600U Power Supply for PMD650/670/680/6901
PRC620 Soft Case for PMD6201


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600439 Cable Y Adapters 1/4″ F – 2 1/4″ Mono M7
S100S6  100 Series Speaker Cable1
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450388 Plastic Battery Sled Hook5
560353000 Ear Cushion/C4-Style Mole Skin9
59747001 Windscreen for PH2 & PH88/PH441
59774003 Windscreen for PH88/44 Boom Mic1
9160563602 Vol. Knob Boot / TR8254
AEF2 Metal Ear Loop / Plastic Covered7
AEF3 Nylon Ear Loop14
BT2 Ear-cone Small 5pcs.1
CCT2 Telethin Coiled Cord Set / Gray10
CMT2 Telethin Straight Cord Set / Gray5
CMT95 Telethin Straight Cord Set / Gray8
EML1 Ear-mold / Large / Right1
EML2 Ear-mold / Large / Left9
EMM2 Ear-mold / Medium / Left3
EMS1 Ear-mold / Small / Right10
EMS2 Ear-mold / Small / Left4
ET1B Ear-tip Plug with Cover Clear3
PH44R Dual Muff Headset / A4M / 6′ Cord1
PH87 Dual Muff Headset w/ Carbon1
WS3 Windscreen PH2411


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LCR2400 BSTK ISOBAR 120V 2400 R/M                $100.001
S100S6  BSTK 100 Series Speaker Cable                    $25.001