RU-UDA4 2×4 Unbalanced RCA Stereo Audio Distribution Amp

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    • Stereo Unbalanced Audio Distribution
    • Unity Gain on Both Channels
    • Four Outputs per Channel
    • Stand Alone or Rack-Mountable
    • Exceptional Audio Performance
    • 1/3 Rack, High-Density Rack Mounting

The RU-UDA4 is the optimum choice where connectorized, unbalanced line-level distribution is needed. This unit features two separate, isolated channels. The RU-UDA4 may be used in stereo applications, or as two individual monaural distribution amplifiers. The input signals are buffered through output line drivers, providing four separate line-level unbalanced outputs for each of the two inputs.

The RU-UDA4 performance is tailored around industry standard -10 dBV input/output levels. Excellent frequency response, phase response, low-distortion and low-noise performance combine to produce the audio clarity and precision for which RDL® products are well known.