ST-DA3 1×3 Line Level Distribution Amplifier

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    • Audio Distribution with up to 3 Outputs
    • Balanced or Unbalanced Input and Outputs
    • Bridge an Audio Line for Local Distribution
    • Distribution with Impedance Conversion
    • Distribution with Gain or Loss
    • Inputs and Outputs RF-Protected
    • 1×3 Mono or Use Two Units for Stereo
    • RDL SupplyFlex® Power Input Configuration

The ST-DA3 gives you the advantages of an audio distribution amplifier PLUS you can put it where you need it. The ST-DA3 allows bridging of any audio line, adjusting the gain, and driving up to three high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced loads. The ST-DA3’s wideband circuitry produces the unsurpassed pure clarity, low-distortion and low-noise for which RDL products are known.

The ST-DA3 features RDL’s SupplyFlex® power input configuration. The module will operate directly from floating 24 Vdc or bipolar dc power. If a jumper is connected between the PWR minus terminal and any module ground, the module power becomes ground-referenced.