ST-SH2 Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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    • Stereophonic Headphone Amplifier
    • Provision for External Stereo Level Control
    • Balanced or Unbalanced Input
    • Bridge a Line and Feed Headsets
    • Amplifier To Drive High or Low Impedance Headsets

The ST-SH2 is used in applications requiring headphones of any impedance to be driven from consumer or professional audio sources. For fixed level installations not requiring user volume control, the ST-SH2 is wired to the audio source and to a headphone jack. Frequently, it is desirable to mount a volume knob by the headphone jack. The LEVEL ADJUST terminals (L) and (R) may be wired to the respective wipers of a stereo 10KΩ potentiometer to provide volume adjustment. It is recommended that the ST-SH2 be located less than 39 in. (1 m) from the jack and volume control.

The exceptional low noise (better than 100 dB below operating level), low distortion, audio clarity and excellent crosstalk performance makes this module ideally suited to a wide variety of demanding audio applications. Use this module in conjunction with other RDL® modules as part of a high quality, flexible audio/ video system.