RU-PA518 10W Stereo/18W Mono Audio Amplifier – 8 Ohm

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    • 9 W RMS per Channel Stereo into 4Ω
    • 18 W RMS Mono into 8Ω
    • Selectable Stereo or Bridged Mono
    • Selectable Built-In Peak Limiter
    • 1/3 Rack, High-Density Rack Mounting
    • Front-Panel Control for 2 Inputs

The RU-PA518 features two modes of operation: stereo and bridged mono. Depending on the mode of operation, the RU-PA518 can deliver from 5w to more than 18w of RMS power at the output. In stereo mode each of the two inputs feeds its respective left or right output. Front-panel level controls set the gain for both left and right channels. When the rear-panel switch is set to the bridge mode, the two inputs (A and B) are mixed together and fed to the output. In either the stereo or mono mode an internal audio peak limiter may be turned on using a rear panel switch.