ST-PA6 6W Mono Audio Amplifier – 8Ω

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  • 6 Watts RMS into 8Ω
  • Amplifier with Balanced Audio Inputs
  • Built-In 2 Input Mixer
  • Low Noise and Low Distortion Amplifier
  • Amplifier with Loudness Equalization

The ST-PA6 represents the second generation of RDL’s breakthrough in the traditional power vs. size ratio. Present technology permits features and performance at the most economical cost ever. The ST-PA6 offers 6 watts of power for a price you would expect to pay for 3 watts.

The ST-PA6 features two balanced audio inputs, a gain control, equalization control and an 8Ω output. The output is designed to deliver a clean 6 watts RMS into an 8Ω speaker. Each input is a balanced bridge, with the two inputs actively mixed equally. This is particularly useful for monitoring a stereo line. The output stage features protection against short circuits and thermal overload. The output protection automatically resets once the condition is removed, making fuse protection unnecessary.