ADC1USBSilver 2-CH 24bit A/D Audio Converter

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ADC1USBSilver 2-CH 24bit A/D Audio Converter


The barrier between analog and digital should not limit the listening experience. Benchmark’s digital converter technology maintains the sense of musical engagement that was originally present when the sounds were created. The life of the music is never lost in a quagmire of digital artifacts. The depth is never hidden, the image is never smeared. Benchmark converters always deliver faithfully, and consistently exceed expectations. The ADC1 USB continues a tradition of excellence.

The ADC1 USB is a 2-channel 192-kHz 24-bit analog-to-digital audio converter with an unprecedented feature set. This converter was designed to consistently deliver reference quality conversion in ‘real-world’ conditions. It features Benchmark’s jitter-immune UltraLockâ„¢ clock system and an extraordinary analog front-end.