Angry Audio Bidirectional Balancing Gadget

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Bidirectional Balancing Gadget


Broadcasters prefer professional balanced audio, but sometimes need to connect unbalanced consumer equipment. Which often causes the dreaded ground loop hum, buzz and RFI problems. The Bidirectional Balancing Gadget fixes that with an innovative active input circuit that suppresses the noise caused by ground loops.

The Bidirectional Balancing Gadget is a two-way device. Perfect for connecting a recording device. Many find it useful for interfacing computers or smartphones to their mixing consoles. Unlocking the front panel gain switches gives you adjustable gain, enough for even low-level computer sound cards.

Feed +4dBu balanced stereo audio into the XLR inputs and the gadget produces unbalanced -10dBV signals at the RCA outputs. Likewise, connect a -10dBV stereo source to the RCA input jacks and the gadget converts it to professional +4dBu balanced audio at the XLR outputs. Output levels up to +24dBm means you’ve got the headroom to handle anything.

The meticulous analog circuitry is direct coupled from input to output with no transformers or capacitors in the signal path. Active offset correction keeps DC out without distortion. From the powder coated steel chassis to the internal low-noise linear power supply, every component and design choice has been optimized for performance and longevity.


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