Angry Audio Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget

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Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget


Hoping to use consumer CD players in the air studio? It’s not as simple as it sounds. Unbalanced audio does not always play nice in professional applications. Which is exactly why we built the Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget. Now you can use consumer
equipment without compromise.

Ground loops are a common problem when working with unbalanced audio. Our exclusive active input circuitry dramatically suppresses common-mode noise on unbalanced sources. This not only eliminates noise from ground loops but also power line hum and digital whine from the environment.

Feed your unbalanced -10dBV audio into the four gold-plated RCA jacks. Four XLR output connectors deliver the +4dBu balanced audio. Unlocking the front panel gain switches allows for adjustments, particularly useful with lower-level computer sound cards. And the fully symmetrical output amps will drive long cables at high levels up to +24dBm.

Every premium component is designed or selected for performance and long life. The precision analog circuitry faithfully reproduces every subtle nuance of the source. We even designed our own internal low-noise linear power supply to avoid the limitations of wall warts. All wrapped in a rugged steel chassis, ready for the harsh realities of your radio station.


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