FP-UBC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Converter 2 Channel

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  • Stereo Unbalanced to Balanced Audio Conversion
  • Connectorized Audio Converter
  • Output Level Trim
  • Low‑Noise and Low‑Distortion Conversion
  • Cabinet, Shelf or Rack Mounting
  • Convenience of RDL FLAT‑PAKs
  • The FP‑UBC2 is the ideal choice for connectorized conversion from unbalanced to balanced audio. This module features two identical channels. Gold‑plated phono jacks are utilized for each unbalanced input channel. Each output is balanced, connected through an XLR jack. A gain trim potentiometer is provided for each channel.

    The normal gain setting is indicated for the trimming potentiometer. This setting produces a +4 dBu balanced output for a −10 dBV unbalanced input. The gain is adjustable −5 dB to +10 dB from the normal gain. Therefore, a +4 dBu output signal is possible from input signals ranging from −20 dBV to −5 dBV.