ST-UBA2 Unbalanced to Balanced Amplifier 2 Channel

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  • Convert Stereo IHF Levels to Stereo PRO
  • Additional Summed MONO OUT
  • Independently Adjustable Gain
  • Ground‑Referenced Conversion Module
  • Dual‑LED VU Metering for Each Channel Included
  • Unparalleled Audio Performance
  • The ST‑UBA2 is used in any application requiring conversion from unbalanced consumer format signals to professional +4 dBu. It may be used to balance audio from CD players, cassette decks, computer sound cards, televisions, and a wide variety of other unbalanced sources. The mono sum output may be used to drive patch‑bay jacks, monitors or subwoofer amplifiers.

    Separate Dual‑LED VU metering is provided for the left and right outputs. A green LED illuminates at 15 dB below +4 dBu. The intensity of the green LED progresses from minimum at ‑11 dBu to full intensity at +4 dBu. The adjacent red LED illuminates at +4 dBu.

    The audio clarity, low‑noise, low‑distortion and excellent crosstalk performance makes this module ideally suited to a wide variety of demanding audio applications. Use this module in conjunction with other RDL® modules as part of a high quality, flexible audio/video system.