STA-1M Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amplifier -14 to 14dB Gain

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  • Single-Channel Audio Line Amplifier
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Bridge a Line to Avoid Loading
  • High to Low Impedance Conversion
  • Low to High Impedance Conversion
  • Instrumentation Input to Isolate Ground Loops
  • Precisely Match Audio Levels
  • RDL® SupplyFlexâ„¢ Power Input Configuration

The STA-1M allows bridging any audio line, adjusting the gain, and driving a balanced or unbalanced line. The circuit design allows the input to accept either balanced or unbalanced signals, of either high or low impedance. This is an instrumentation type input stage which will amplify the differential input, regardless of ground reference. The output is capable of driving either high or low impedance loads, and the output may be connected either balanced or unbalanced.

RDL’s SupplyFlex power input configuration is included in the STA-1M. The power supply input may be fed from a floating (not ground-referenced) 24 Vdc power source, from a bipolar power supply (+/ 12 Vdc or +/-15 Vdc) or from a ground-referenced 24 Vdc power supply.