Omnia 11 Software Upgrades for Existing Units

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Software Upgrades for your existing units.







Adds HD capability to Omnia 11 FM. Enables parallel HD processing path and associated Diversity-Delay capabilities, upgrading Omnia 11 FM to full Omnia 11 FM+HD specifications.



A software license converting legacy Omnia 11s to current G- Force dynamics engine. Improvements include: Highly refined density detection scheme. Rock-solid gain performance across a wide range of recordings. Program adaptive attack, release, and ratio values. Makeup Threshold (replaces Makeup gain) coupled to freeze windows-these two functions create dual staged window. Allows for gain management and control without sudden, audible swings. Designed to optimized fore seamless integration with the The Perfect Declipper (below). All new features allow the AGC sections to synchronize with the program material. Multiband Limiters now have intelligence and are able to self-adapt to the multiband AGC activity. Multiband Limiters feature program controlled attacked and release, with the goal of actively reducing limiter-induced inter-mod distortion.

New bass management system: Overall bass levels can easily be set up by using a "single knob". Advanced adjustment mode features a rich tool box that allows for precise sculpting of bass characteristics, including those of Solar Plexus. New, improved intelligent active bass clipper system allows the full power of the new bass enhancement scheme to come through on the dial! You must be running Omnia v3.0 to install the G-force Processing Engine. Requires v3.0.



A software license adds the Perfect Declipper to an Omnia 11 unit running G-Force. The Perfect Declipper is a revolutionary new algorithm that restores clipped segments and removes distortion in audio recordings. You must be running G-Force to install the Perfect Declipper. Requires v3.0 and G-force.