RU-EQ3 Three Band Audio Equalizer

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  • 3-Band Audio Equalizer
  • Custom Tailored Audio Bandwidth
  • User-Accessible Adjustments
  • High-Density Rack-Mount Convenience
  • Low-Noise, Low-Distortion Equalizer
  • The RU-EQ3 features a balanced bridging input, which may be connected unbalanced if desired. The output driver is 150 Ω balanced, and is intended to drive unbalanced or balanced lines of 150 Ω or higher impedance. Front-panel knobs provide active equalization, each controlling a separate audio band. These bands were carefully selected to yield a module that works effectively in a wide variety of systems. Each band’s center frequency can be either boosted or attenuated by at least 12 dB. The Q of the low and high band equalizers was selected so that those controls can be functionally considered as a total bass band or treble band control. The RU-EQ3 adds a third control. This midrange control is optimized to voice band adjustment, with the overlap tailored to provide smooth operation for wideband music applications. The RU-EQ3’s OVERLOAD indicator flashes if either the input or output stage clips.