Vorsis M1 One Channel Digital Mic/Voice Processor

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Vorsis M1 One Channel Digital Mic/Voice Processor


Voices sound larger than life

The M-1 is a flexible digital microphone processor. It offers unlimited presets, security and networkability in an all-digital framework, with parameters that are easy to set up. Either from the front panel, or from the GUI – all parameters of the M-1 can be controlled to give each voice talent his or her own personal sound at the press of a button.

The M-1 microphone processor is equipped with a Super-Quiet (SQ) microphone preamplifier featuring an extremely low noise floor, very wide dynamic range, faithfully accurate transient response, and ruler flat frequency response. Operating in harmony with high quality 24-bit A/D converters and a 96kHz base sample rate, the M-1 adds absolutely no undesired coloration to the signal and faithfully preserves the sound of any microphone and talent combination.

The features on the M-1 include four-band parametric EQ, high- and low-pass filters, de-esser and expander and of course, our proprietary Vorsis dynamics processing. The unit comes loaded with factory designed presets, and designing your own is easy, thanks to features such as “Quick Save” and ‘Quick Compare” that allow you to toggle back and forth between different presets as you adjust them. From one GUI, an entire group of M-1’s can be controlled, making multiple microphone processor management easy.

Wheatstone-designed Dynamics Control

A high performance de-esser and a smooth sounding, very low distortion compressor/limiter dynamics control section round out the M-1’s offerings to create powerful and authoritative presence on production or on-air microphones.

Wheatstone-designed Equalization

Very high quality parametric and shelving equalization is available to sweeten the sound of any microphone as desired without adding noise or undesirable artifacts to the signal.

Wheatstone Processing Presets

A variety of ready-to-use factory processing presets are provided, carefully tailored for different processing goals and formats. You can select a factory preset, confident that it will sound great just as it is. Or use a factory preset as a starting point and create a custom sound for each announcer, then save the new settings as a personalized user preset. In a facility with multiple microphone processors, presets saved in one unit can be easily copied to the others.



  • Control of all audio parameters
  • Intuitive PC graphical user interface (GUI)
  • High quality, low noise microphone preamp
  • Phantom power
  • Metering: In/Out, de-esser, compression, expansion
  • Password based security
  • 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz AES3 output sample rates
  • Mic or line level out, selectable from rear panel
  • 24-bit A/D, D/A converters
  • Preset storage/recall via GUI
  • Variable frequency de-esser
  • Voice phase scrambler
  • Adjustable compression
  • Downward expansion
  • EQ: two-band parametric plus variable high and low shelving
  • Tunable high and low pass filters
  • FFT voice energy display via GUI
  • Quick save/compare function
  • TCP/IP Ethernet remote control
  • Takes up only one rack space



Factory presets are pre-installed and write protected.
New factory presets can be down­loaded from the Wheatstone-Processing.com web site and installed via the Windows-based GUI software.
Unlimited preset storage on the host PC
Electronic differential >2KΩ (bridg­ing)
Optimum source impedance 200Ω
Phantom Power 48VDC, switchable on/off
Gain -10dB to +70dB in 1dB steps
Frequency response ±0.2dB 20Hz-20KHz
Equivalent input noise (EIN) -128dBu
THD+N <0.03%, 20Hz-20kHz, -50dBu input
SMPTE DIM0.0000007
Line-level output
Digital XLR-M connector one
Reference Level 0VU=-20dBFS
Output Sample Rates 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz 
Balanced: 110Ω AES-3 0VU=-20dBfs
Analog XLR-M connector one
Electronically balanced <10Ω source impedance
Optimum load impedance >600Ω
Maximum output level +24dBu
Asymmetry filter Phase rotator, 4th order allpass, switchable in/out
High-pass 24dB/octave Butterworth 
Adjustable 20Hz-1kHz
Low-pass 24dB/octave Butterworth 
Adjustable 1-20kHz
Threshold Adjustable -60dBFS to 0dBFS
Depth Adjustable 0-40dB
Close Adjustable 50ms-3s
Control Recursive-style
Threshold Adjustable -10dBFS to -60dBFS 
Release time Adjustable 50ms-500ms
De-ess frequency Adjustable 20Hz-20kHz
Routable Pre or post compressor
Band 1 Shelving
Adjustable 20-200Hz
Boost/cut ±14dB
Bands 2 and 3 Parametric
Adjustable 20Hz-20kHz
Boost/cut ±14dB
Bandwidth 0.2-3.0 octave
Band 4 Shelving
Adjustable 2kH-20kHz
Boost/cut ±14dB
Control Broadband
Threshold -10dBFS to -50dBFS
Attack time 0.2ms-1s
Release time 33ms-1s
Optional Wheatstone Announcer Panel or custom interface ConnectionsON, OFF, Cough, ON tally, OFF tally, power and ground

Ethernet 10-100BASE-T, 

Dimensions: 19”/48.3cm wide 
1.75”/4.5cm high 
10”/25.4cm deep (allow 3.25”/8.25cm for rear connectors)
Weight 8.1lbs/3.68kg
Shipping weight 13lbs/5.9kg
Power Requirements 90-260VAC, 50-60Hz, 24VA