ADMS 44.22 8X2 Stereo Matrix Switcher (Discontinued)

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ADMS 44.22 8X2 Stereo Matrix Switcher


The ADMS 44.22 is an 8×2 stereo matrix switcher with four stereo analog and four stereo AES inputs, and two independent stereo analog and AES outputs in a 1-RU profile. Each input channel is equipped with an automatic level control circuit and a fully configurable 3-band equalizer. The ADMS 44.22 provides both word clock in and word clock out signals for synchronization to external digital equipment. Additionally, the four stereo AES inputs support high-quality real-time sample rate conversion for connection with asynchronous digital sources. Each output channel is equipped with an automatic level control circuit and parallel stereo analog and stereo AES outputs. Either output can be monitored locally from headphones or the monitor outputs, or the stereo PPM meter.

Any or all of the inputs may be mixed, faded, dimmed to either or both output channels. Fade rates, dim levels, and mix modality are all fully-programmable. The ADMS 44.22 is equipped with a digital expansion port that allows two units to operate together as a 16×2 stereo matrix switcher. The ADMS 44.22 can be controlled through RS-232 serial command from a standard ANSI terminal or dedicated serial control device, as well as from front panel switches and remote control inputs on the rear. The ADMS 44.22 has four programmable relays and nine programmable open collector outputs for controlling external device, and can transmit unit status and GPI information to the controlling device for incorporation into broadcast automation systems. All unit settings can be saved into user memory, or be automatically saved whenever a setting is changed.