RT2 Remote Control Selector

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  • Remote Selection of ON or OFF
  • Single-Button Selection for Each Function
  • Open-collector Switching
  • 3-wire or 4-wire Remote Wiring
  • Professional Aesthetic Appearance
  • Companion to other RDL® Remote Controls

The front panel of the RT2 features two pushbuttons with two associated LEDs. Upon initial power-up, the OFF mode is selected. Touching the other button de-selects OFF and immediately selects ON. An LED adjacent to each button shows which mode is selected.

In a typical installation, the RT2 may be used to turn an audio or video source on or off. To turn on an audio source, the RT2 may be connected to an RDL ST-SSR1 or ST-RX2 Solid-State Audio Switch. For video switching, an RDL TX-MVX may be used. In each of the above examples, only one output terminal is needed for triggering, therefore a single shielded pair (3-conductor cable) is required for remote connection. For more complex switching networks, both outputs (ON and OFF) may be used. In an audio or video control installation, the RT2 may be mounted adjacent to an RDL remote volume control, such as the RLC2, RLC3 or RLC10K.

In installations where ULTRASTYLEâ„¢ wall controls are preferred, use the RUC-4 Universal Remote.