RU-SX4A 4×1 Balanced Audio Switcher

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  • Remote-Controlled Audio Switching
  • Multiple Switching Control Points
  • 4 Inputs to 1 Output
  • Line-Level Audio Switching
  • Balanced / Unbalanced Inputs / Output
  • Gain Trim on Each Source
  • Provision for Stereo Switching
  • APPLICATION: The RU-SX4A is the ideal choice in many installations where either local and/or remote audio source selection is desired. Input and output connections are made on the rear panel through full-size, clearly identified barrier block terminals. Each RU-SX4A may connect directly to RDL’s® wall-mount RCS4, RC4-RU or RUC-4 remote controls. In stereo applications, a second RU-SX4A may be wired as a slave. A front-panel push-button selects the desired audio source. Each time the button is pushed, the RU-SX4A advances to the next audio source. Remote push-button terminals are available on the rear.

    The RU-SX4A features four balanced line-level inputs. Each input may be wired balanced or unbalanced. The inputs are all bridging, allowing connection from either high or low impedance sources. The audio output is line-level low-impedance balanced, and may be wired to drive either a balanced or unbalanced line. Individual multi-turn level trimmers are provided on the front panel for each input.