Switcher Sentinel 3 Passive Stereo Switcher/Router (Discontinued)

List: $319.00




Switcher Sentinel 3 Passive Stereo Switcher/Router


The Switcher Sentinel® 3 is a web enabled transparent three input, single output stereo switcher/router. The Switcher Sentinel® 3 is perfect for all types of passive signal switching via a web browser, front panel switch and/or contact closures. The passive switching utilizing gold contact relays, which means that the unit can route a signal in either direction. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input. The Switcher Sentinel® 3 can be controlled and monitored locally and/or remotely over any IP network, including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can operate the product using a web browser or web-enabled mobile device. The active audio output is monitored for silence and may be configured to perform user defined action sequences when the audio drops to a per-configured level. Email notification may be configured to alert up to eight recipients when alarms are detected. The user may also enable a sound effect to play on their PC speaker when an alarm is generated. Logging of system status, along with the site ID may be emailed in time spans from once an hour to once a day. SNMP and SMTP username and passwords are also supported.


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