700 Series Multi – Pair Analog Audio Cable

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700 Series Multi – Pair Analog Audio Cable


Clark’s 700 series multi-pair audio cables deliver multi-purpose performance for field, stage and permanent installation applications. Extra-flexible and easy-to-terminate, the 700 series is both installer and user friendly. The individual audio pairs are color coded and alphanumerically printed for easy identification. Conductors are tinned-copper and insulated with low-wick polypropylene insulation for easy solderability. UL rated and extra-flexible, the 700 series features Clark’s unique TPE outer jacket compound that is flexible, abrasion resistant and CMR riser rated.


Product Variations

Part NumberPair CountOverall DiameterWeightBend Radius
7044 pair.425″116 lbs/Mft4.3″
7066 pair.507″157 lbs/Mft5.1″
7088 pair.530″187 lbs/Mft5.3″
71212 pair.665″255 lbs/Mft6.7″
71616 pair.825″344 lbs/Mft7.2″
72424 pair.984″496 lbs/Mft9.8″



  • Extra-Flexible and UL Rated - ideal for portable staging, studio use or permanent installation
  • Easy-to-Strip and Terminate - easy to remove jacket and foil streamline termination process
  • Low-Wick Insulation - high melt temperature minimizes insulation reduction when soldering
  • 22 AWG Tinned Copper Conductors - low loss, corrosion resistant and easy to solder
  • Color Coded Pair Jackets- simplifies channel identification by color and alpha-numeric print



Materials & Dimensions

Conductors(2) 22AWG (7x30) Stranded TC
InsulationPolypropylene .010" wall, (one black, one red)
Shield100% Alum/Mylar Foil (Easy-Strip Bonded)

22AWG (7x30) Stranded TC Drain Wire

Pair JacketsPVC, .136" O.D. Color Coded
Overall Shield100% Alum/Mylar Foil with

16AWG (19x29) Stranded TC Drain Wire

Overall JacketBlack TPE (see below for individual cable diameters)



Optical and Electrical Characteristics

DC ResistanceCapacitanceTemperature RangeUL Listing
Conductor: 14.1 Ω/Mft

Shield w/ Drain: 12.5 Ω/Mft

25.7 pF/ft between conductors

47.3 pF/ft between one conductor and the other in common with shield

-30degC to +75degCCMR


Cross Sectional Diagram