SPA22GS 1pr 22ga Analog Audio Cable

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SPA22GS 1pr 22ga Analog Audio Cable


Clark’s SPA22GS is a low-noise, single-pair audio cable for balanced line level or microphone level applications. Easy to terminate, the SPA22GS features several timesaving features, such as a bonded easy-strip shield and tinned copper conductors that streamline that cable termination process. Excellent common-mode and RF/EMI noise rejection are achieved by a precision twisted pair and 100% foil shield. UL rated CMR for riser applications, the SPA22GS can be installed in a variety of permanent installation environments.




  • Easy-to-Strip and Terminate - jacket and bonded foil shield strip in one operation
  • Low-Wick Insulation - high melt temperature minimizes insulation reduction when soldering
  • 22 AWG Tinned Copper Conductors - low loss, corrosion resistant and easy to solder
  • Excellent Noise Rejection - precision pair twisting maximizes RF/EMI rejection
  • CMR Riser Rated - suitable for installation in riser applications



Materials & Dimensions

Conductors(2) 22AWG (7x30) Stranded TC, .030" O.D.
InsulationPolypropylene .008" wall, (one black, one red)
Shield100% Foil (Easy-Strip Bonded) with22AWG (7x30) Stranded TC Drain Wire
JacketPVC, .137" O.D.
Available ColorsBlack, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, White


Cross Sectional Diagram


Performance Characteristics

DC ResistanceCapacitanceTemperature RangeWeightUL Listing
Conductor: 14.4 Ω/MftShield w/ Drain: 12.5 Ω/Mft25.7 pF/ft between conductors47.3 pF/ft between one conductor and the other in common with shield-20degC to +75degC14 lbs/MftCMR