VSD2001 RG6 High Definition SDI Coax

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The Gepco® Brand high-definition video coax series has been engineered to feature a 4.5 GHz bandwidth (for HDTV transmission), a gas-injected foam dielectric, lower attenuation, more RG types, excellent crush resistance, easy termination and a flexible jacket. The gas-injected dielectric and precision process control are critical factors in achieving superior electrical performance including faster velocity of propagation, tight impedance tolerance, low attenuation and low structural return loss across the entire 4.5 GHz bandwidth. Conductive elements consist of a stranded or precision-drawn solid copper center conductor and either a 92% or 95% braid with 100% foil shield for complete broadband shielding. The series contains a wide range of sizes to accommodate short-distance rack wiring or extended-distance point-to-point interconnect.


Color: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey or White



  • Ultra-low Attenuation & Return Loss
  • Precision 75Ω Impedance
  • 4.5GHz Bandwidth for HDTV
  • High Velocity of Propagation
  • Gas-Injected Foam Dielectric
  • 100% Sweep Tested
  • Full Copper Braid & Foil Shield



  • High Definition or Standard Definition Serial Digital Video
  • High Resolution Analog Video
  • Digital Audio (AES3id, SPDIF or Word Clock)