CLK-50 Master Digital Clock




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CLK-50 Master Digital Clock


The CLK-50 is designed for those installations where only digital time displays are needed. It fits into standard racks occupying only 1 rack-unit. The local display is viewable up to a distance of 12 ft. (4 m).

The output is SMPTE or DQS time code which is a pulse-width modulated code transmitted on RS-422 signal levels. The time is transmitted in 24-hour format only, at a rate of 30 Hz. Of course, this does not mean that the time will be displayed only in 24-hour mode on our remote clock displays since all of our time displays are capable of being switched to 12-hour mode as well.

With just a flick of a switch, the CLK-50 is also capable of switching not only its local display, but all of the remote clock displays attached to it, to either Standard Time or Daylight Savings Time instantly. This makes a strong argument for customers who currently use impulse driven analog clocks and who are considering switching to all-digital time displays because of their advantages over analog clocks. Those customers who do have impulse driven analog clocks are all too familiar with the pain and aggravation associated with adjusting them to either time standard. It is a time and labor consuming task to re-adjust those clocks twice a year, which can generally only be done during off-peak hours. Also, because digital clocks switch instantly, it avoids the confusion that is often encountered when inadvertantly reading time from an analog clock while it’s being re-adjusted.

The standard CLK-50 model references to either 50 or 60 Hz power line frequency which it automatically detects and adjusts itself accordingly. This offers reasonable accuracy over a long period of time.



The local controls are as follows:
STARTStarts the clock.
HOLDStops the clock.
2XRun double speed.
RESETReset to allow initial setting.
12/24Switch local display for either 12 or 24 hour mode.
DST/STDSwitch time for either Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time
Display:   0.8" (20.3 mm), bright red LED.
Dimensions:   1 rack-unit --- 19" W x 1.75" H x 8.25" D (483 x 44.5 x 210 mm).
Output drive capacity:   50 remote clock displays, up to 4000 ft.