Comrex ACCESS Mixer

List: $1,200.00






The Comrex ACCESS Portable is a remote broadcast tool that provides utility and portability, but has limited audio I/O built-in. The portable includes one mic/line adjustable input on XLR, one stereo line level input on mini jack, and a headphone and line-level stereo output on mini-jack.

The ACCESS Portable Mixer accessory was designed to address these limitations for applications that require multiple audio I/O for remote broadcasts. The unit “docks” to the ACCESS Portable and expands the audio I/O to five mic/line selectable XLR Inputs and five stereo Headphone Outputs on 1⁄4″ jacks. All ACCESS Portable audio connectors remain active during use of the Mixer, so the total number of Input/Headphone connector pairs increases to six.




  • Five Mic/Line level switchable mono inputs on balanced XLR
  • Five 1/4″ TRS headphone jacks
  • Powered by ACCESS Portable



  • Five Mic/Line level switchable mono inputs on balanced XLR
  • Mic inputs offer software selectable 12V phantom power
  • Five 1/4″ TRS headphone jacks
  • Audio level adjustments for input, headphone local and return audio
  • Stereo pan pots for channel 1 through 4 to accommodate 2 stereo inputs
  • Channel 5 selectable for Producer Mode
  • Ability to monitor ACCESS Portable cellphone input on all headphones for cueing
  • Powered by ACCESS Portable