Tieline TLM600 iMix G3 IP POTS Mixer Codec

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Tieline i-Mix G3 is the worlds most advanced IP codec for radio and Television, combining six essential live remote broadcast products into one lightweight 16″ x 9″ box, replacing tens of thousands of dollars of expensive equipment.

Broadcasting with the i-Mix is like having an entire remote truck in a single box. Designed by radio and television sports broadcasting specialists, it is ideal for sports broadcasts, talk shows, music and other live events. It is a multi-faceted unit that can be used as a mixer, a commentary control unit and a codec. It integrates bi-directional audio and full-duplex communications with extensive remote control capabilities to reduce setup time, on-site personnel, wiring requirements and signal distribution costs

Tieline i-Mix IP codecs feature a LAN connection, one built-in POTS codec and an analog telephone coupler. You can increase your programming, mixing and communications options by using the codec module slot to send high quality, low-delay live audio over 4G/3G, a second POTS/PSTN analog phone line, ISDN, X.21, GSM or B-GAN satellite networks.

In comparison with the field unit Commander G3, the i-Mix has additional balanced inputs, an onboard PA control, dedicated Cue/Comms buttons for communications and a telephone coupler for managing live talkback callers.