FireWire-800 PCI Host Card

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FireWire-800 PCI Host Card


The 3-Port FireWire-800 PCI Host Card from Pyro|AV adds 3 FireWire ports to your computer. The perfect solution for connecting your FireWire devices to your computer, the card installs into an open PCI slot. The FireWire-800 bus supports data transfer bandwidth of 100MB/sec, allowing you to connect digital video cameras and external hard drives to your computer.

PCI Interface
• The card installs in computers with a PCI interface. Make sure your computer is PCI before trying to install this expansion card.
FireWire Connectivity
• This card adds FireWire-800 support to your computer. This allows you to connect external FireWire devices to your computer, making it an ideal companion for an external hard drive or DV camcorder.