Audioarts 8 Channel Console With USB

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Audioarts 8 Channel Console With USB


A True Broadcast Console…in a Tiny Package

Conserve studio space, not studio capability. The AIR-1 is our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet. It fits anywhere your laptop computer does for on-air, production, podcasting or remotes.

The Audioarts AIR-1’s proven design has become the number one choice for small studios and production rooms due to its compact footprint, professional features, and attractive price. Now, with a USB interface, this same small console is able to send and receive audio from devices such as digital audio workstations, playout systems, and automation systems.

The AIR-1 is ideal for remotes, small on-air studios, web streaming, production, or any situation where a compact, low-cost, highly capable radio console is needed.

The AIR-1 covers all the basics: two mic inputs, six stereo line inputs, two program busses, a flexible metering and monitoring section usually found only in larger boards, cue output, muting, and a built-in headphone amp.

Small, so it can easily be used in a tight space such as a news or voice tracking booth, or on remotes. Rugged, built to Wheatstone/Audioarts’ usual high standards to last and last.

AIR-1 is surprisingly inexpensive, so it fits any budget. You don’t have to give up features or scrimp on the quality you need. Sometimes a powerful, compact broadcast console is exactly what you need. The Audioarts AIR-1 is it.



  • USB Interface: Send/receive connection to digital audio workstations, playout systems and automation systems
  • Low Profile Compact Design: Only 15”/39cm wide to conserve studio space.
  • Long-Throw Faders: On input channels, monitor output and headphone output.
  • Two Mic Input Faders: Extremely high-performance mic preamps – noise level just 1dB short of the theoretical limit – with enough headroom to handle the most enthusiastic voice. Continuously variable gain trims to precisely match your microphones.
  • Six Line Input Faders: True differential electronically balanced inputs, not a semi-pro unbalanced input that merely accept balanced signals.
  • Two Program Buses: Full balanced broadcast standard, switchable stereo or mono. For remote applications, use PGM 1 for the feed to the station, PGM 2 for the house monitors or phone mix-minus.
  • External Input: Feeds the monitor section for listening to live air or talkback from the studio.
  • Monitor Output: Front panel long-throw fader. Switchable PGM 1, PGM 2 or EXTernal; can mute when MIC 1 and/or MIC 2 is on.
  • Headphone Output: Front panel long-throw fader. Built-in powerful headphone amplifier.
  • Cue Output : Provides preview to an optional external cue speaker amplifier. Can be set to automatically interrupt your main stereo monitors.
  • Split Cue: Switchable separately for speaker and headphone. When any fader is in CUE, sends CUE audio to the left channel, L+R sum of the selected monitor source to the right channel. Very useful in remotes for sending local program to one ear of the talent, talkback from the studio to the other ear.
  • Switched Meter: PGM 1, PGM 2 or EXTernal input.
  • Solid State Leds : On all switches so you never need to replace burned-out bulbs. External In-Line Power Supply for hum free, cool reliable operation.
  • On-Air Light: Front panel LED between the meters, and a relay output to drive an external ON AIR light. Activates when a mic channel is ON and enabled for monitor mute.



MicXLR connector, balanced
Electronic differential >2KΩ bridging
Adjustable sensitivity -64dB to -24dB
Maximum input 0dBu
LineSeparate left and right 1/4” TRS connectors, balanced
Electronic differential >40KΩ bridging
Switchable sensitivity +4dBu=0VU or -4dBu=0VU
Maximum input +28dBu
ExternalSame as Line
ProgramSeparate left and right 1/4” TRS connectors, balanced
Electronic differential 100Ω source impedance to drive >600Ω
0VU=+4dBu, maximum output +28dBu
MonitorSeparate left and right 1/4” TRS connectors, unbalanced 
Headphone Stereo 1/4” TRS connector to directly drive typical broadcast style headphones >200Ω
Cue1/4” TRS connector, unbalanced
On-air1/4” 2-conductor TS
Low-current relay contact closure to drive external relay to switch AC to on-air light 
Frequency responseMic ±0.10dB 20Hz-20kHz
Line ±0.05dB 20Hz-20kHz
THDMic <0.002% @1kHz/+24dBu
Line <0.0003% @1kHz/+24dBu 
NoiseMic -128dB EIN
Line -92dB ref +4dBu
Bus crosstalk -100dB @1kHz, -96dB @20kHz
Stereo separation 95dB @1kHz
Dimensions15.2”/38.6cm wide
11.5”/29.2cm deep
1.3”/3.3cm high @front
2.5”/6.2cm high @rear 
Weight 7lbs/3.2kg
Shipping weight 12lbs/5.4kg
Power 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 25W
ROHS Compliant