Fusion FlushMount Console System

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Add another Chassis to make your custom Console

Add other sub assembly parts and join together to make a larger chassis.

Fusion FlushMount Wing Set

End pieces for any assembled chassis. One set required for a frame.

Fusion FlushMount Interface Module Housing

Used to house the Fusion Interface Board and designed to be installed under the countertop. Interconnect frames to the included Fusion Control Interface Board (ETH4CAN). One required for each frame. Interface Board included.

Fill in your console: * 

Pick one of the following. It will take up 4 Positions in your console. ** Required Module

Choose Your Fader Module Type & Qty:

Each one takes up 4 positions in the console.

IP-Tablet Fusion Mount

Beautifully machined aluminum panel fits right into your Fusion console to house a 10-inch Windows tablet. Occupies four spaces in a Fusion frame.

**Tablet not included. IP-Tablet Licenses not included.

Optional Call Controller Modules:

Either module takes up 4 positions. Module integrates control of Telos Hx6, NX12, Nx6, TWOX12, Series 2101 and VX Telephone System right into the console.

Optional Access to Often-Used Machine-Control Modules:

Either module takes up 1 positions. Requires an Axia pathfinder control Solution.

Optional Intercom Modules:

Fusion Engine:

Select: StudioEngine (P/N TEL-200100306) w/ separate Power Supply (P/N TEL-200100375) and, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center (P/N TEL-200100251).

Power Supply:

Power Supply for StudioEngine (P/N TEL-200100306), add redundant power or redundant power + I/O Expansion


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