RS-12DNET 12 Channel Digital Console with 6 channels of IP audio

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RS-12DNET 12 Channel Digital Console with 6 channels of IP audio


You’ve heard the old joke. It goes; “we sure must love standards in our business – that’s why we have so many of them!”

But that’s why Ethernet makes so much sense for audio – because it’s already the one indisputable standard for networking. And that’s why Millenium Digital consoles are coming on board to Livewire. Livewire turns standard off-the-shelf Ethernet hardward into a high-definition IP audio network.

Now this tradition of shared standards and plug-and-play compatibility for the broadcast industry takes another important step forward with Radio Systems consoles that offer both stand-alone functionality and Livewire IP-Audio network connectivity. And because its STANDARD – Millenium consoles now also communicate with any Axia device or any Livewire-enabled product from this growing list of manufacturers.

With Millenium Livewire consoles you can input local studio audio AND share audio between consoles or playback iPlay equipped digital delivery systems – with no additional hardware! For remote analog or digital I/O add any number of Axia Livewire nodes. Finally, use any Windows PC to run iPlay or PathfinderPC software for system configuration or Windows Media local audio playback.