RS-18DNET 18 Channel Digital Console with 6 channels of IP audio

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RS-18DNET 18 Channel Digital Console with 6 channels of IP audio


Millenium consoles featuring Livewire® begin a tradition of shared standards and plug-and-play compatibility for the broadcast industry. Radio Systems Livewire® consoles offer both stand-alone functionality and Livewire IP-Audio network connectivity. And because it’s a STANDARD – Millenium consoles now also communicate with any Axia device or any Livewire-enabled product from a growing list of manufacturers.

Local channels feature two inputs each of stereo analog inputs with mic thru line-level sensitivity. Digital inputs are AES/EBU or S/PDIF with sample rate conversion. Livewire channels feature a rotary encoder and LCD two-line read-out for the display and
selection of any system-wide Livewire source. Outputs include two stereo and 10 fully programmable mix-minus buses. All buses also create Livewire streams accessible throughout the Livewire network.

With Millenium Livewire consoles you can input local studio audio AND share audio between
consoles or playback iPlay equipped digital delivery systems – with no additional hardware! For remote analog or digital I/O add any number of Axia Livewire nodes.
Finally, use any Windows® PC to run iPlay® or PathfinderPC® software for system
configuration or Windows Media local audio playback.*