Fusion FlushMount Channel Set

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Pick one of the following. It will take up 4 Positions in your console. ** Required Module

Choose Your Fader Module Type & Qty:

Choose Your Fader Module Type & Qty:

Optional Call Controller Modules:

Either module takes up 4 positions. Module integrates control of Telos Hx6, NX12, Nx6, TWOX12, Series 2101 and VX Telephone System right into the console.

Optional Access to Often-Used Machine-Control Modules:

Either module takes up 1 positions. Requires an Axia pathfinder control Solution.

Optional Intercom Modules:

Fusion Engine: * 

Select: StudioEngine (P/N TEL-200100306) w/ separate Power Supply (P/N TEL-200100375) and, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center (P/N TEL-200100251).

Power Supply:

Power Supply for StudioEngine (P/N TEL-200100306), add redundant power or redundant power + I/O Expansion


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