Fusion 4-Button LCD SmartSwitch Panel

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Fusion 4-Button LCD SmartSwitch Panel


Program these backlit LCD button panels using an Axia Pathfinder control solution to provide producers or talent with remote access to often-used machine control or software functions. In-button LCD display shows function readout. Dynamic programming allows specific assigned functions to change for each Show Profile or in response to user activation. Requires an Axia Pathfinder control solution (see Section 5). Easily connects to Fusion Interface board CANbus using CAT-5 cable. Mounts in tabletop or turret. 6”x 2”, requires 2” mounting depth.



  • Six accessory control panels for convenient talent / guest control of frequently-changed options, including headphone and mic control, GPIO closures, routing scene changes tied to Axia PathfinderPC software, Talkback to CR board op or Guest postions.
  • Easy RJ-45 connection to console CANBus control network.
  • May be flush-mounted in any flat or vertical solid surface.
  • All panels measure 6” x 2”; require 2” mounting depth.



  • Desktop panels require access to Axia control network via CAT-5 connection.
  • Flush-desktop mounting style requires routed 6” x 2” cutout in countertop or work surface. 2” of space required behind each panel for adequate connector/cable clearance.
  • Not all panels work with all Axia consoles. Consult Axia or your Axia representative for specific applications.