Pathfinder CorePRO Router Controller (Discontinued)

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Experience the Power of Simplicity

Introducing the second-generation of Axia Pathfinder, the Pathfinder Core PRO Advanced Routing Control Appliance. Never before has routing control been this simple…or this sophisticated. Axia has taken everything we’ve learned over the last 10 years since we launched the Pathfinder family of routing control software and ported that experience into a completely new product, designed from the ground up to provide pro-grade routing control that is shockingly simple to use, taking routing control and facility management to a new level.

Pathfinder Core PRO is a toolbox with numerous features and uses that combine to create more efficient workflows and facility management. For one, it centralizes your Axia devices, letting you make route changes from one central place—the Pathfinder Core PRO web interface. Pathfinder Core PRO simplifies routing in complex facilities with hundreds of sources and hundreds of audio destinations by giving the user easier, more intuitive control over audio workflows.

This second-generation of Pathfinder routing control lets you customize and command your entire Axia network like never before with streamlined functionality including Logic Flows—a new flow-chart-style events system that makes events easier to create, adjust, and monitor in real time. An efficient, intuitive web interface means easy configuration and monitoring from any device. Finally, this Linux-based appliance makes better use of the processor, while freeing you from a Windows-based server.



  • Reliable, redundant, system-wide routing control
  • PC-platform independent; you can use almost any device to interface
  • Linux-based network-attached appliance with a web user interface provides route control and customized logic events
  • Graphical interface with real-time state reporting
  • New logic gates for creation of complex logic
  • Control protocol for third-party integration, including Device Emulators
  • Improved Memory Slot functionality, making this feature more powerful than ever
  • Automatic router table generation
  • Fan-free for cool, silent in-studio deployment
  • Equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual-redundant internal power supplies
  • Virtual routing
  • Customizable user panels
  • Includes 500 crosspoint and 500 Logic Flow endpoints
  • Add-on licenses for additional 500 crosspoints or 500 Logic Flow endpoints available


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  1. Telecom-grade dual, redundant, auto-switching power supplies are engineered for bulletproof reliability.
  2. Power supplies are unitized for quick replacement in the field. Just slide out the old, slide in the new.
  3. Separate WAN jack provides a secure, separate connection to the outside world - make routing changes from home, office or on the road.
  4. Pathfinder Core PRO controls your complete Axia routing network with one simple CAT-5 connection.
  5. Your rack has enough noisy stuff in it. Pathfinder Core PRO isn’t. Fanless convection cooling means whisper-quite operation.



The Axia Pathfinder Core PRO appliance is ideal for stations that want reliable, redundant, systemwide routing control that is independent of a PC/Windows Server. The Linux-based network-attached appliance for routing control includes a web user interface to provide route control and customize logic events. Because it uses a web interface, Pathfinder Core PRO becomes PC-platform-independent; users can use almost any personal computing device to interface with the appliance for reliable, 24/7 unattended operation. In addition, the traditional client applications our users have come to know and love also work with Pathfinder Core PRO.


Logic Flows

Pathfinder Core PRO features Logic Flows, an all-new events system that uses logic gates for the creation of complex logic and dramatically simplifies route changes. The Logic Flows event system features a graphical flow-chart style that allows you to see the connections and manipulate them easier, as well as see state changes in real time via the web interface. For example, if an endpoint changes, you will see those changes live via a color and/or textual change on the Logic Flow graphic. Logic Flows are intelligent enough to sense the connections between different flows and present those connections graphically with a much larger array of properties that are available for use. Finally, we have added the ability to clone entire groups of object settings with one simple flow, which becomes invaluable when creating redundant logical paths. These are dramatic improvements over previous versions.


Examples of PDM Logic Flows

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Example of airchain switcher requiring dual button press for safety

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Device Emulators Control Protocol for Third-Party Integration

Because there are a variety of automation systems that don’t understand the Axia language, Pathfinder Core PRO Device Emulators allow the unit to “look like” another protocol, emulating third-party protocols and translating them into the Axia language. When Pathfinder Core PRO receives commands in a non-Axia protocol language, it then makes the requested changes to the Axia equipment, emulating a different kind of device by speaking that language. Additionally the Device Emulators allow the user to define their own commands to send and receive, so Pathfinder Core PRO can be used to control and receive commands from third-party equipment in that way as well. The user simply has to define the textual commands to watch for or send in the Device Emulator.


Easy Setup

Pathfinder Core PRO is fast, efficient, and simple to use: Just attach to your network, give it an IP address, and it automatically detects your Axia audio sources/destinations and GPIO ports. Pathfinder Core PRO searches for and finds all of the Axia equipment on the network, then automatically creates both an audio router and a GPIO router with all of the audio or GPIO sources and destinations that are discovered within that equipment, simplifying the initial configuration.


Redundancy for Failsafe Operation

Pathfinder Core PRO also gives you peace of mind by providing distributed redundancy within your network. Multiple Pathfinder Core PRO units can be “clustered” for automatic redundant backup, and each fan-free unit has field-replaceable dual-redundant power supplies as well. As a dedicated hardware appliance, Pathfinder Core PRO gives you freedom from concerns about software compatibility, automatic OS patches, and computer hardware limitations.


Customizable User Panels

In addition to advanced routing control, Pathfinder Core PRO lets users create their own user panels, giving them a unique and customized look and design for features like meters and buttons.


Virtual Routing

Aside from routing physical inputs and outputs, Pathfinder Core PRO lets you create virtual routers. For example, if a specific room in a facility doesn’t need to see the entire network of inputs and outputs, but only the ones relevant to that room, then a Pathfinder administrator can create a virtual router that only includes the sources and destinations required by that room. In addition, virtual routers can be used to marry multiple sources and destinations together into routable packages. For example, you can create a virtual source that has both an actual audio source and an actual GPIO source as part of its package. Then when you create a route with the virtual router, the audio and GPIO get routed together with one route change.


Memory Slots

Memory Slots allow you to store—and make changes based on—custom pieces of information. Memory Slots have been expanded in Pathfinder Core PRO to provide easy latching capability of any property in the system, to follow the state of any property in the system, and to build custom text by combining values from multiple slots together. This makes the use of Memory Slots more powerful than ever.


500 Crosspoints, 500 Logic Rules

With Pathfinder Core PRO, you get 500 sources and 500 endpoint change blocks (within Logic Flows). Need more? You can simply buy an extension license to add more logic or more crosspoints. Note: There are a variety of crosspoints that don’t count against the license, including GPIO and virtual-only ones. Only Axia audio sources count against the crosspoint license.

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Power Supply AC Input

  • 90VAC to 240VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz, IEC receptacle, internal fuse
  • Power consumption: 100 Watts, auto-ranging


Operating Temperatures

  • -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C, <90% humidity, no condensation



  • W19.00in (48.0 cm), H 3.47 in (8.80 cm), D 10.40 in (26.4 cm)
  • 2RU