Spare Fusion Modules

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Spare Fusion Modules


Fusion is fully customizable, of course, with a full options list of module types designed to suit your station’s unique way of making great radio. There are integrated controls for phones, codecs and studio talkback, SmartSwitch modules with context-sensitive displays that enable one-touch router salvos, even motorized faders for remote control or integration with your delivery system.



4-Fader Module

The 4-Fader module is where you start to build your Fusion. Use it for any source: line, mic, hybrid, phone or codec source. Comes in standard and motorized-fader versions for use with automation systems or other moving-fader applications.


Monitor/Navigation module

The other basic module you’ll need is a Monitor module. You can choose between two types:

The Expert Monitor/Navigation module shown here has extended monitor, headphone and preview controls, a numeric entry/dialpad that can be used with Fusion phone modules, plus four programmable User Keys that can trigger GPIO commands like profanity delay controls or recording devices, or be used with Axia PathfinderPC software to issue routing salvos, initiate scene changes, etc.


Monitor + 2-Fader Module

For studios where expert monitor controls are not needed, the Standard Monitor/Navigation module is a space-saving design that incorporates two faders in addition to the numeric entry/dial pad and basic Monitor/Headphone controls.

Call Controller + 2-Fader Module

The Call Controller module has two faders plus integrated line switching controls with Status Symbols, for on-console control of advanced Telos broadcast phone systems. Available in standard and motorized-fader versions.


Switch Modules

Two available styles of programmable switch modules work with Axia PathfinderPC routing control tools. They make it easy to put custom routing salvos or simple machine logic right at talent’s fingertips.

Economical 10-Button Film-Cap switch modules are perfect for giving talent access to often-used machine-control or GPIO-triggered routing commands. LED button backlights can be individually changed to any of 8 colors.

Need more complex control of routing functions? 10-button SmartSwitch modules feature dynamic, backlit LCD displays. Button functions, colors and even text can be programmed to change in response to user input using Axia PathfinderPC software. Construct custom routing salvos, cascading machine-logic command sets, or other complex routing operations.


IP Intercom Modules

Fusion consoles come equipped with a sophisticated Talkback system that allows board ops to communicate directly with remote talent via individual Talkback channels. But when larger facilities require even more powerful communication capabilities, these 10 and 20-station intercom modules, part of the Axia IP Intercom system, put broadcast intercom controls right in the console. Station presets and GPIO functions for both types of modules are programmed using any standard Web browser. Using these Intercom modules, Fusion operators can instantly talk to any other studio, control room, operations center – even PCs equipped with Axia SoftCom intercom software. And the audio is broadcast-quality, so putting an Intercom source on-air is easy and sounds great.

10 and 20-station OLED Intercom modules feature high-resolution programmable OLED displays that indicate assigned stations. The 10-Station Filmcap intercom module has 10 LED-lit film-cap buttons for economical on-console IP Intercom integration.