Sprite Stretch Clock Package

List: $2,350.00

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Licenses
  • Stunning High Definition Video
  • Commercial Grade Media Players
  • Package includes Super Bright Professional 36″ x 11″ display, Media Player & Cables




Sprite Stretch Clock Package


What does your studio clock look like?

Does it look like it came out of the 1970s?  Bring it up to date with the Sprite Stretch Clock.  Sprite Media now offers Network Time Protocol (NTP) sync’d clocks.  These super bright displays are front and center with logo both analog & digital clocks, calendar, logo branding and unique messages.  Sprite customizes it exclusively for your facility.

The Sprite Stretch Clock is a complete package including internet ready media player, high quality HD display and cables.  Its distinctive 36” by 11” display is unlike a common video screen.  It’s rated for use 24 hours/7 days.  It’s also 2 ½ times brighter than a normal display.  Changes to the design, font, clock faces and message can be made quickly and easily from the Sprite Command Page on your computer, tablet or smart phone.


Choose from 5 different styles:


Sprite Media Player

  • High quality, commercial grade
  • The same player used in business, stadiums and arenas all over the world
  • Purpose built – ultra thin
  • Low power requirements – won’t overheat
  • No moving parts
  • Highly reliable no-PC, little to no maintenance, failure rate under 0.25%
  • Powerful video engine
  • 1 Year Warranty Parts/Labor

Samsung Professional 36″ x 11″ Display

  • High quality, commercial grade
  • Used in commercial applications around the world
  • Rated 24 hour/7 day Operation
  • 700 Nits (2 1/2 times brighter than normal displays)
  • High Definition
  • 3 Year Warranty Parts/Labor


Easily make changes to your Sprite Stretch Clock with the “Sprite Command Page”