Sage Digital Endec HD EAS Model # 3644

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Sage Digital Endec HD EAS Model # 3644


The Sage Digital ENDEC incorporates the legacy and reliability of the original Sage ENDEC along with the latest developments in EAS and CAP. The Sage Digital ENDEC’s network centric design allows logging via network printers and email, control/automation, and NTP access to a time standard via a network or Internet connection. The familiar front panel legacy interface is also supported. The new Sage Digital ENDEC has text to speech capabilities for English, French, and Spanish.

The ENDEC supports CAP 1.2, with the IPAWS Profile 1.0 and ECIG Implementation Guide, as required in the U.S. by the FCC. It also supports the CAP-CP profile for use in Canada.

The Sage Digital ENDEC’s design, features, cost efficiency, and performance in serving radio broadcast users was highlighted by its receipt of the Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award, presented at the 2009 NAB Show.

The Sage Digital ENDEC was designed for single or clustered analog and HD radio stations as well as analog and HDTV facilities. The ENDEC has wide support by character generator manufacturers.

In public safety, the Sage Digital ENDEC provides the abilty for local and state officials to directly activate the legacy EAS system.




New Hardware Features

  • 10/100 Base-T LAN support.
  • 2 USB connectors for printers, additional serial ports, future expansion.
  • Four new GPIO inputs and one additional contact closure for expanded control.
  • AES/EBU Digital Audio Interrupt with active switching.
  • 64 MByte onboard storage for log files.
  • Optional USB memory stick(s) for up to 8 GB long term storage of alert audio.
  • Totally solid state memory storage for reliable operation – no hard drive.

New Software Features

  • Web-Based control – all settings and functions can be performed from anywhere on
  • the internet, including initiating or forwarding alerts, and changing configuration.
  • Several layers of security are provided, HTTPS/SSL can be used to encrypt all
  • access.
  • Software is stored in FLASH and is updatable via the LAN or the USB interface.
  • Text and audio logs are available via the web interface page.
  • Alert audio for a pending alert to relay can be previewed via the web interface using
  • streamed audio.
  • Any of the audio monitor inputs can be streamed to the web interface.
  • The Digital ENDEC can trigger the relay of an alert, or the generation of Weekly
  • Test or any other alert, via interface to common station automation programs on the
  • serial port, via the LAN, or its GPIO interfaces.
  • Included Text to Speech support locally generates audio based on the expanded
  • text message available with the CAP protocol.
  • The ENDEC can optionally send email when important events occur, such as
  • sending and receiving alerts, loss of input on a monitor receiver, etc.
  • The ENDEC can send status files to your FTP server for automatic logging.
  • Time Synchronized to national standards via NTP protocol.



Audio Inputs
• Six unbalanced analog EAS monitor inputs
• One AES/EBU digital audio program in /station pass-through
• One balanced stereo analog XLR program in /station pass-through
• One unbalanced low level microphone audio input
• One unbalanced analog local audio input
Audio Outputs
• One AES/EBU digital audio alert audio insert/station pass-through
• One balanced stereo analog XLR alert audio insert/station pass-through
• One unbalanced line out – analog multi-station interface or local audio
Data Interface
• Six serial ports, DB-9, for relay panel interface, hand held remote control, CG control, LED display, automation, etc.
• Two USB connectors, for printer, additional storage
• Five GP inputs for automation interface, trigger of RWT or forward of alerts on up to four stations
• Four dry contact closures for automation interface
Character Generator
• The ENDEC interfaces with devices from Chyron, Compix, Evertz, Harris, Miranda, VDS, XBob and others supporting the Sage Generic CGEN interface. Fox Slicer scheduled for Fall 2010
• DVS-168
LAN Interface
• One 10/100 rj-45 LAN connection. Additional physical connections with user-supplied USB to Ethernet adapters. Addressing is DHCP or static
• HTTP/HTTPS web browser for programming, status updates, control, maintenance
• NTP protocol for setting time of day
• EMAIL for logging and other status messages, supports STARTTLS, alternate ports, SSL
• Part 11, FCC ID V2W3644
User Interface
• Browser based control
• Legacy SAGE front panel interface, 4x20 LCD
• Five status LEDS, plus GPO status
• Dimensions 2U 19" EIA rack mount 19"W x 3.5"H x 6.5" D
• 4.3 lbs(shipping weight with power supply ~8 lbs)
• 19 VDC @ 1A, external 3A switching power supply provided 120 VAC @ ~ 1A