Bose SoundComm B30 Headset

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Bose SoundComm B30 Headset


Built upon a history of excellence:

We have a long history of employing active noise cancellation in aviation headsets. The SoundComm B30 Headset builds upon that legacy for any application where wired or wireless communication systems are used. That makes it an ideal headset for stage managers and directors, live camera crews, TV and film camera crews. And yes, sports coaches and sideline/support staff.

Of course, no matter who is using this headset, we know comfort really counts. That’s why we focused on careful material selections, precise weight distribution, and low clamping force. These choices all contribute to a comfortable experience that keeps the focus right where it should be—on communications.

  1. Durability: Durable, robust design withstands the elements and wear and tear of everyday use
  2. Fit: Single earcup and dual earcup headsets available
  3. Microphone: Noise cancelling microphone for clear transmissions
  4. Noise cancellation: Acoustic Noise Cancelling™ technology provides increased attenuation of low-frequency noise