PH-85 Dual-Sided Headset with 20Ω Omnidirectional Carbon Mic

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PH-85 Dual-Sided Headset with 20Ω Omnidirectional Carbon Mic


These headsets are specifically designed to provide high-quality communication through carbon camera intercoms in television studios or remote production locations. They have sensitive carbon microphones with a smooth voice frequency range and are compatible with Western Electric-type intercom circuits. The earphones have highly sensitive magnetic receivers that can be easily removed and replaced in the field for convenience and economy. A high quality coil cord with durable strain relief at the ear cup provides tangle-free use.



  • Easy head size adjustment
  • Highly sensitive magnetic earphone elements
  • Mic can be worn on either side of the head
  • No-tangle unterminated coil cord
  • Omni-directional carbon microphone
  • Polyurethane covers that resist cracking
  • Vents allow air to circulate providing day-long comfort
  • Washable nylon socks are provided for ear cups



Connector TerminationStripped wire coiled cord
TypePH-81: Single Sided
PH-85: Dual Sided
Mic TypeCarbon Omni-Directional
Mic Sensitivity-28dBV/Pa @1cm, 8V through 470Ω bias, 150Ω AC load
Mic Frequency Range100Hz - 6kHz
Mic Impedance20Ω
Speaker Sensitivity100dB SPL @2kHz, 1mW
Speaker Frequency Range600Hz - 10kHz
Speaker ImpedancePH-81: 275Ω
PH-85: 275Ω boom side, 625Ω non-boom side
WeightPH-81: 12oz. (not including cord)
PH-85: 14oz. (not including cord)
Cord Length2 ft. retracted, 12 ft. extended