GM 9″ & 18″ Gooseneck Mic For ICS Panels

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GM 9″ & 18″ Gooseneck Mic For ICS Panels


The GM-9 (9″ length, 22cm) and GM-18 (18″ length, 46 cm) gooseneck microphones feature a gold-plated, threaded, and locking 3-conductor quarter-inch phone plug connector. A fitted windscreen is included (not pictured). The uni-directional electret condenser mic element has a side and rear rejection of greater than 6 dB between 100 Hz and 10 kHz.

GM-9 is compatible with I-Series and ICS Panels.
GM-18 is compatible with Encore stations and ICS Panels (Other than ICS-1008E and 1016E).





Product Spares List

Spares PartPart Description
500096GM-9/18 replacement Windscreen