Blind Spot Gear Scorpion Lamp D (AC Power Supply not included)

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Blind Spot Gear Scorpion Lamp D (AC Power Supply not included)

The Scorpion Light is perfect for flexible handheld, location, documentary and studio camera work. Providing a lightweight kick, detail or eye-light and is also ideal for stabilised camera gimbals, steadicam, dolly and crane shots where a lightweight fill is required without compromising the quality of the ambient light source. 

No other light has the same benefits of high power output combined with low weight and minimal power consumption. 

No matter whether you’re an inspiring film maker a semi pro or a full out Oscar winner this light has a place in your kit. The ultimate tricky location light, a beautiful hidden detail light, a full out 4 light interview set-up or a complete over head lighting rig. 


The flexibility of the Scorpion Light really is mind boggling, it can be detached from the super clamp and has a 1/8 inch thread on the base, this means it can attached to a lighting stand or a camera making it the most flexible top light on the market. Now you can get a 3/4 front light from a top light!  


*Please Note: No Powering Option is included in this Kit*