SUPERELAYII Utility Control Interface

List: $350.00






Superelay is a multi-circuit controller for any application where numerous circuits, including AC line voltage, need to be switched simultaneously. It is ideal for controlling On The Air warning lights and switching the various equipment functions that need to be controlled when, for example, the microphone in a broadcasting studio is turned on.

Superelay provides six isolated SPDT relay outputs, plus an AC Tally Light output that can be set to flash. The AC Tally Light output is switched with a synchronous solid-state relay to prevent electrical noise or arcing. All outputs switch simultaneously.

Superelay can be controlled with an external DC voltage (5-24v), a momentary or continuous contact closure, or any circuit that switches to ground. Control inputs and relay outputs are via plug-in Euroblock connectors. A front panel LED indicates Tally on/off status. A Slave output permits multiple Superelay units to operate in tandem from a common Control input.

Superelay is 1/3 rack width and can be mounted in an optional rack shelf, or wall mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets.




Control Inputs
ON: Mom. or cont. contact closure
OFF: Mom. or cont. contact closure
DC: 5-24VDC, maintained
Relays: 6 form-C (SPDT), 1A, 24V DC max.
AC Tally Light: AC Line Voltage, 200W max. DC Tally Light: 12 V DC, 300mA max/1A current sink max.
Control inputs, relay & DC outputs: euroblocks
AC Tally Light: Grounded AC receptacle
Power Input
115/230V AC, 50-60Hz, 4W + Tally load
Steel enclosure
Physical 5.7”w X 1.7”h X 6.0”d, 3lbs
Mounting Table top, optional rack mount shelf, optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets


Technical specifications subject to change without notice.