Proteus-1 Advanced Portable RDS Protocol Analyzer

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The Proteus-1 is a portable, advanced RDS/RBDS protocol analyzer, a powerful tool that fits in the palm of your hand with exceptional audio quality, long battery life, and ease of use. With an anodized aluminum chassis and aluminum buttons it feels solid in your hand and is built to stand the test of time.

The Proteus-1 presents the most common RDS data that is visible to listeners as well as the innermost workings of the data stream and statistics in real-time with a well-organized and simple to use touch screen interface, a valuable tool for professionals and radio enthusiasts.

With the Spectrum Analyzer tool you can easily see the entire FM band and touch a station to quickly review Signal, Pilot and RDS information and, if desired, tune the selected station.

The MicroSD card slot allows easy system upgrades and the ability to store hundreds of RDS data log files and screenshots that are easy to share and evaluate the RDS stream at a later time.

The micro USB connector ensures easy charging on the go or at your desk. And with the high power Lithium Polymer battery you have plenty of power for hours of RDS monitoring and logging or for just enjoying listening to the radio.

The Home Screen shows most common information the end user sees.

  • Frequency
  • Signal Strength
  • Stereo & RDS status
  • PI (Program Identification)
  • PTY (Program Type)
  • PS (Program Service Name)
  • RT (Radio Text)
  • An easy to use Tune Screen allows you to navigate stations quickly and with ease.

  • Direct tuning via large numeric key entry
  • Seek Tuning to the next station
  • Step tuning for next adjacent channel
  • PI, PTY, and PS is shown to quickly identify stations with RDS
  • With the Active Groups Screen you can dive in deeper and see what RDS groups are being sent
    and valuable information about these groups.

  • Descriptions of standard groups as well as identification of ODA group types
  • How many times a specific group has been sent
  • A groups percentage of all received groups
  • Average time statistics for a specific group
  • The quality of the decoded RDS data
  • With the Group Inspector Screen you can analyze each individual group at a very low level that
    breaks down the RDS stream into the individual bit assignments and displays their meanings and
    values for that specific group in real time.

  • An activity indicator shows when a new group dataset has been received
  • Easy navigation by indexing through each selection or touching the bits to inspect
  • Hexadecimal values of selected bits
  • Warns you when data may be invalid
  • Breaks down what bit assignments mean and their current values
  • Other features include.

  • Durable anodized aluminum body
  • Logging of RDS data to MicroSD card (SDHC compatible)
  • Easy firmware updates for adding upcoming features
  • Save screen shots for easy sharing of information
  • USB charging with an industry standard Micro-B connector
  • High quality audio