TF00343 FMB50 RDS Encoder with RT Functionality

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TF00343 FMB50 RDS Encoder with RT+ Functionality


Audemat’s FMB50 RDS encoder has been designed specifically for radio stations and broadcasters who wish to engage listeners with a RT/PS scrolling experience or to exploit the interactive functionality offered by RT+.

Based on the same solid hardware as the best-selling FMB80 with its unrivalled reputation for reliability, quality and functionality, the new FMB50 is available at a highly affordable price point and can be easily upgraded should you require more extensive functionality in the future.


  • High quality and spectral purity – fully digital synthesis of RDS signal
  • Highly reliable  –solid state memory, no moving parts & retain configuration through power outages
  • Compatible with wide range of automation software
  • Keep and save all settings in user-configurable presets
  • Control your AUDEMAT RDS encoder through TCP/IP; simply plug into a local ethernet network
  • RDS viewer allows remote monitoring of broadcasted data
  • Embedded scheduler
  • Designed for continuous on-air operation – no costly outages
  • Enables automatic retuning of the same program between transmitters
  • Compatible with interactive radio (RT+)




  • Embedded webserver for configuration
  • Advanced scrolling text capabilities (text repetition, labeling, delay before display and a command interpreter)
  • Dynamic PS, RT and RT+ data from automation software
  • RDS real time decoder and viewer
  • Superb spectral purity of the RDS signal
  • Side Chain and Loop-Thru mode
  • Network protocols supported : Telnet, UDP, MULTICAST, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, MIB integration



Analog Input RDS Encoder Silver FMB50 FMB80 HQSound Processor
RDS Features
Group supported 0A, 2A and FFG From 0A to 15A except 14A & 14B From 0A to 15A 0A to 15A
Group sequence Fixed Configurable Configurable Configurable
EON - - 8 PSN 9 PSN
AF 25 AF No method B method A and B method A and B method A and B
TP / TA with software command or contact closure command or contact closure command or contact closure
PTYN with software
CT -
ODA: TMC, EWS, EPP PAGING, RT+... - RT+ only
Scrolling PS
Dynamic PS
Sequencing speed Adjustable in sec Adjustable in sec Adjustable in sec Adjustable in sec
Scrolling by character from 1 up to 8 from 1 up to 8 from 1 up to 8 from 1 up to 8
Scrolling by centered words, Truncate long words
Repetition, Labeling, Delay before display
Radiotext 1 message 10 messages 10 messages 10 messages
RT Rate Adjustment Group Sequence Group Sequence Group Sequence
Formatted Radiotext - from 1 up to 8 from 1 up to 8 from 1 up to 8
RT+ -
Scheduler - ScriptEasy
Configuration Software Embedded web server Embedded web server
Password protection
History Log -
Connection with automation software RS232 RS232 or TCP/IP RS232 or TCP/IP RS232 or TCP/IP
Command translator -
Remote Display Simulation Real time Real time Real time
ASCII protocol messages configuration + messages configuration + messages messages
Ethernet port -
UECP standard Partially compliant Compliant Fully compliant Fully compliant
RDS Hardware
Inputs/Outputs - 8 in + 4 out 8 in + 4 out 16 in / 8 out Option
Communication port 1 RS232 3 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 1 TPC/IP 3 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 1 TPC/IP 3 RS232 + 2 ethernet + 1 USB
Synchro. Monitoring - with command 3 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 1 TPC/IP 3 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 1 TPC/IP
Mode: Side Chain, Loop through, Bypass -
Integrated RDS Decoder -
Physical Specification
Silver & FMB HQSound Processor
External Dimensions (W / L / H) 483 (19”) x 220 x 1U 483 (19”) x 440 x 1U
Weight 4 kg ~ 5.9 kg
Power supply voltage 115 / 230 90 / 265
Power supply frequency 45-65 Hz 47-63 Hz
Power consumption 50VA 50VA
Temperatures 0°C to 50 °C +5°C to +45 °C
Storage temperatures -30°C to 80°C -20°C to +70°C
Humidity Class F DIN50040 10-95% non condensing relative humidity