FP-TPX3A Format-A Twisted Pair Remote Controlled Mixer

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  • 3-Channel Remote-Controlled Audio Mixer
  • VCA Level Control for Each Input Pair
  • Format-A Twisted Pair Inputs
  • One Detachable Balanced and Two RCA Unbalanced Mono Outputs
  • Twisted Pair Interconnection to Remote Control
  • Directly Controlled by RDL Remote Controls with 2 or 3 channels
  • Local Input Available if Only Two Twisted Pair Inputs Used
  • Paging Source May Connect to Local Input
  • Front-Panel Gain Trim Matches Active or Passive Format-A Senders
  • Dual-LED VU Meter Displays Mixer Output Level
  • Audio Presence Detector Controls Open-Collector Outputs
  • Detector Outputs Intended to Enable Power Amplifiers or System Power
  • Energy Savings Possible Using Detector Outputs
  • Selectable 10 or 20 Minute Detector Release Delay