Schedule Sentinel® – Event Scheduler

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Schedule Sentinel® – Event Scheduler


The Schedule Sentinel® is a web-enabled event scheduler that can store and control up to 100 unique events using any available NTP timeserver as a time base. Events may be programmed with Hour/Minutes/Seconds and Day/Month or Day of Week and are recurring, while any event may also be executed manually. Each event can store up to 45 ASCII or HEX value strings, along with control characters and programmable string delays. Configuration and events scheduling are programmed using a standard web browser. The Schedule Sentinel® is equipped with two independent serial ports. Applications include; remote control of any combination of TWO, ABC/CC “XDS” Pro, WW1 IDC “MAX”, StarGuide II / III, Wegener Unity 4000, ComStream receivers, analog, AES or video switchers or other devices requiring RS-232 serial control.