DTD-16 Plus – 16 Channel DTMF Tone Decoder

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DTD-16 Plus – 16 Channel DTMF Tone Decoder


The DTD-16 Plus is a full-featured DTMF tone/sequence decoder that is user programmable to decode single tones or sequences up to six tones in length and maybe assigned to any one of eight SPST normally open relays, eight open collectors and/or the USB serial port. The relays and open collectors may be programmed to close for the duration of tone, pulse immediately after completion of detection, wait a programmed (up to 9.99 seconds) length of time after detection, or latch/unlatch. Programming is performed using a non-dedicated PC’s USB port equipped with Windows HyperTerminal and/or Putty.




Decodes all 16 DTMF tones; 16 memory locations; adjustable tone detection time; line level high Z input, which accepts a balanced or unbalanced source, surge protected power supply, front panel status for power, each relay, valid DTMF tone, serial data activity, recessed programming push button with LED indicator and recessed input level control with a range of -20 to +24dbu. All connections are on removable screw terminals except for the USB Type B female port connector. The DTD-16 Plus may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or up to four units mounted on the RA-1, 1-RU mounting shelf.