Plus-X Dual IP-8

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Plus-X Dual IP-8


Upgrading legacy ARC-16 systems is faster and more affordable than ever. The Plus-X Dual IP-8 Adapter connects to up to two ARC-16 IP-8s using the same DB37 cables as the ARC-16. Not a single channel needs to be rewired to upgrade to the ARC Plus, saving hours of work. The Plus-X Dual IP-8 Adapter includes all the I/O needed for up to 16 channels, eliminating the need for additional input and output units.


IIU-SEPlus-X IIUPlus-X ICRUPlus-x 300Plus-X Dual IP – 8 Adapter
Number of metering inputs16160up to 8*8 or 16*
Number of status inputs16up to 32*0up to 8*8 or 16*
Sever transient protectionN/A
Metering inputs may be configured as statusN/A
IP-addressable (allows installation throughout the plant)
Number of Form-C relays008 pairs88 or 16 pairs*
Relays may be configured as momentary or latchingN/A