ARC Plus Touch V5 Remote Control

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ARC Plus Touch V5 Remote Control


The ARC Plus Touch brings power, flexibility and efficiency to IP-based broadcast remote control. Taking advantage of the scalability of IP and offering innovative options for I/O hardware connectivity, the ARC Plus Touch connects an unlimited number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering, status and command.

IP-Based Control Built for the Realities of Broadcast

Bandwidth-friendly, the ARC Plus Touch is optimized for real-world broadcast links, eliminating the need for costly legacy solutions.

Efficient, Flexible Alarm Notification

Alert appropriate personnel with selective alarms. Targeted alerts via email, SMS, or the optional telephone Recordable Speech Interface (RSI) assure the proper response.

Better Access than Ever Before

The ARC Plus Touch supports a wide range of operator access options. The convenient touch screen makes monitoring and control simple. The built-in web interface allows access from any PC without installing software. Mobile access is possible using the mobile web interface or optional telephone interface. PC-based management using AutoPilot supports IP links and legacy dialup connections.


Now it’s easier than ever to connect to remote site equipment using SNMP Plus, the new optional SNMP manager inside the ARC Plus Touch or ARC Plus SL*. Integrate any SNMP-enabled device on your LAN or WAN with no additional wiring.

Built-in Support for Jet™ Active Flowcharts

The Jet Active Flowcharts option makes intelligent automatic site control easier than ever. Create automatic functions quickly by drawing simple flowcharts—no code required. Automatic functionality is built into the ARC Plus Touch, eliminating the need for a full-time PC connection

AutoPilot® Monitoring and Control Software

Use the optional AutoPilot software to manage your ARC Plus Touch systems along with ARC Solo and legacy ARC-16, GSC3000 and VRC2500 remote controls.

Optional Recordable Speech Interface

The optional RSI Enables dial-in/dial-out telephone control for the ARC Plus Touch. Featuring a pre-recorded vocabulary tailored for the broadcast industry, users can add up to 1,000 words or short phrases using standard .WAV files.




  • IP-based broadcast remote control for exceptional scalability
  • Easy operator access via touch screen, web, software or telephone
  • Email alerts and selective alarm reporting allow efficient fault resolution
  • Ready for expansion - scales to 256 metering and status channels, 256 relay pairs (momentary and latching) and 512 virtual channels




3.5” (8.89 cm) H x 19” (48.26 cm) W x 12” (30.48 cm) D

Operating Temperature/Humidity:

0° to 40° C; 5 to 85% RH

Power Requirements:

100 to 240 VAC, 47-63Hz, 1A; Power entry module with standard, grounded power cord supplied; 1A fuse protection.


Non-volatile FLASH memory stores user-configuration data for 20 years without power; Battery-backed real-time clock retains time/date information for 25 years.

Front Panel Interface:

Full color LCD display with touchscreen Red/green power and alarm indicator

Communication Ports:

Ethernet jack for 10/100BaseT, Plus-X connections; COM port for optional RS-232 PC connection.


ComparisonARC Plus
ARC Plus
Number of sites per system1,0241,024
Maximum number of channels per unit256256
Rack space required (main unit only)2U1U
Built-in web server
Built-in PDA/Smartphone interface
Email/SMS alarm notifications
Multiple levels of alarm severity
Adjustable alarm delays
Onboard virtual channels
Onboard macros (no PC required for automatic functions)
Macros can use events/conditions at one location to control another location (site-to-site control)
Ethernet/serial link to select transmitters (without parallel wiring)
Ethernet link to GPIO panels
IP-based multisite connectivity
Secure IP communication
PC connectivity via full-time serial modem (requires Burk SL-1 Serial LAN Extender)
PC connectivity via dial-up modem
Front panel display
Dial-out alarm notifications*Optional