DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System

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DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System


The DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System includes a precision directional coupler ordered by EIA line size, and DPS-100D Digital RF power meter electronics package with onboard backlit LCD display. This system is suitable for measuring analog or digital RF signals with accuracy within +/- 5% of reading. Use the DPS-100D as a stand alone power monitor/antenna protection system or use more than one DPS-100D to create a monitor system for master antenna applications or for complete RF facility site monitoring. The DPS-100D is part of a larger family of site monitoring products available from Broadcast Devices, Inc.




Simultaneous Forward/Reflected Power Indication, Onboard Backlit LCD Display with proprietary 3 strike protection system for sustained high VSWR conditions, Onboard Web Server for remote interrogation of parameters, Transmission Line Surface Temperature Indication – Second Temperature Sensor input available* - Transmission Line , Pressure indication**Phantom Powered RS-485 Communications bus for easy interconnection of other sensors using industry standard category 5 cabling or SWP series supervisory chassis available from BDI - Operate standalone or part of a larger system with up to 255 additional DPS-100D sensors Analog 0-5 VDC scaled outputs of power indication for remote control input, 8 Programmable General Purpose inputs for interlock lock out tag out status, remote reset etc.


  • 2 – Form C programmable relays for interlock and alarm indication
  • * Second temperature indication requires the use of BDI P/N TMP-100 temperature sensor
  • ** Requires use of the BDI P/N PSW-100 pressure sensor and requires a suitable gas termination such as the ERI gas barrier assemblies. These gas barrier assemblies are available in many line sizes including 1-5/8”, 3-1/8”, 4-1/6”, 6-1/8”, 8-3/16” and 9” EIA transmission line sizes.



  • Frequency Range: Sensor: 50 MHz to 860 MHz
  • Power Range: Sensor: Linear Range -40dbm to +10dbm. No damage to +23dbm Directional Coupler

Coupler Common Features

  • Coupler Sizes available: Type N, DIN, 7/8”, 1-5/8”, 3-1/8”, 4-1/16”, 6-1/8”
  • Coupler Loss: -60 dB
  • Through Line VSWR: 1.03:1 or better
  • Coupled Port Directivity: 30 dB or better
  • Frequency Range: 50 to 860 MHz
  • Through Line Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Measurement Type: True RMS – Suitable for CW, multi carrier and high crest factor digital RF signals such
  • as COFDM, 8 VSB, DVB, etc.
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% of reading.
  • Dynamic Range: 40db Linear Dynamic Range. Measurements possible over 50db with reduced accuracy. 0 – 1 Mega watt– Coupler Line Size Dependent


Power Measurement Range

  • Measurement Capabilities: Forward and Reflected RF Power, Transmission line temperature (Deg F / Deg C
  • user selectable) 1 – External Temperature and line pressure sensors. 6 – User configurable closure inputs. (typically patch panels, lock-out/tag-out)
  • Integrated Digital Display: 2 Line x 16 character LCD display of Fwd/Ref, RF Power, Temperature (x2), Line Pressure, Dedicated Icons for VSWR fault, Alert Status, Communications Status, RF Power High/Low thresholds, DC
  • power input status and LAN connection status.
  • Communications Interfaces: Ethernet, RS-485, CAN, USB
  • Network Protocols: SNMP, SMTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SNTP, HTTP


Remote Control Interface

  • 2 – Configurable VDC proportional power outputs,
  • 2 – Form C configurable interlock/status relays/On/off
  • 2 – Configurable External GP inputs for fault reset
  • 12 Position Terminal Block: 6 – Configurable General Purpose Inputs for lock out tag out, patch panel, external interlock strings, etc.
  • Ext. Temperature Sensor Input: 3 – Position terminal block mates with BDI TMP-100 T, Temperature Sensor
  • Ext. Pressure Sensor Input: 3 Position terminal block mates with BDI PSW-100 Pressure Sensor
  • DC Input: 12VDC Power Supply Available from BDI or phantom powered by BDI SWP Series Supervisory Chassis