15-Button Film-Cap Switch Panel, Rackmount

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15-Button Film-Cap Switch Panel, Rackmount


Film-cap rackmount accessory switch panel. Can be programmed to provide 1-touch remote access to often-used machine-control or software functions. Requires an Axia Pathfinder control solution and 3 free Axia GPIO ports per panel.



  • Six accessory control panels for convenient talent / guest control of a variety of studio operations: routing scene changes, GPIO closures, XY control of inputs and outputs, etc.
  • Slim panel design mounts in any 1RU rack space.
  • Fanless, convection-cooled.



Take Control

Axia control panels let you place routing power anywhere — in a studio turret, a TOC control panel or an equipment rack. These accessory control panels work with Axia’s PathfinderPC and PathfinderPRO routing control hardware, allowing you to map routing commands – from simple contact closures to complex logic-driven events – to any button for fast execution.

Film-cap controllers with LED-backlit keys can be illuminated with a choice of colors; keycaps are film- legendable for quick function identification. SmartSwitch panels have dynamic, backlit LCD buttons that can change color and text with user activation. And the rack-mount 8-button SoftSwitch panel has high- resolution OLED buttons that can be loaded with user-created bitmaps for instant function identification. And the XY Routing Control Panel allows convenient on-the-fly routing of networked sources from anywhere in your facility; route any source to any output of your choosing with just a couple of knob twists.


17-Button LCD SmartSwitch Panel

The 17-button SmartSwitch Router Control Panel features backlit LCD buttons with dynamic text and color to provide 1-touch remote access to often-used machine-control or software functions. Multiple pages of button assignments can be programmed and recalled with just a touch; use PathfinderPC’s Stacking Events Editor to map single commands or complex routing salvos to any button. Easy-to-use Web-based configuration pages can be accessed from any PC on the Livewire® network.


Film-Cap Switch Panels

Use these Film-Cap Router Control Panels when dynamic-text capabilities are not required; lighted aircraft-grade switches provide fast execution of router salvos, machine-control or software functions programmed using PathfinderPC Router Control software. 5-, 10- and 15-button rackmount models are perfect for use in a studio turret, TOC control panel or equipment rack. Place film labels under the clear button caps; set the LED backlights to any of 8 different colors.


OLED SoftSwitch Router Control Panel

The 8-Button OLED SoftSwitch provides high-visibility router control from any studio turret or equipment rack. Its eight bright, sharp OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) readouts can display simple text or user-supplied monochrome bitmaps, and can be seen from nearly any angle — across the table, or across the room. Use PathfinderPC to program custom routing commands you can invoke instantly with the touch of a button.


XY Router Control Panel

XY Router Control Panel lets you route any source to any destination (any-to-any routing) with the click of a button. Choose your desired audio stream, select your network output and press “Take” to route audio. Perfect for TOC program stream selection, ingest stations where a multitude of incoming feeds need routing to air, or production rooms — anywhere you need many-to-one control of networked audio streams.



  • Rackmount package requires 1RU of free rack space.
  • All Router Control Panels require 1 free 100BASE-T Ethernet port on a network switch for connection to the Axia network.
  • 17-button SmartSwitch Panel requires PathfinderPC or PathfinderPRO software to program and execute conditional routing commands.
  • FilmCap Button Panels require 1 free Axia GPIO port per each 5 buttons. PathfinderPC or PathfinderPRO software is not required for GPIO command of networked devices, but is required to program and execute routing commands.
  • 8-Button OLED SoftSwitch requires PathfinderPC or PathfinderPRO software to program and execute conditional routing commands.



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